IMO 2019 Logo

The logo of the 60th IMO depicts a small stellated dodecahedron, which has 60 facial segments. The group of rotations that are symmetries of this polyhedron is the group A5 of order 60.

The logo was based on the winning design in the IMO 2019 logo competition, submitted by Oscar Roe of Stoke College. The original logo competition rules are below.

IMO 2019 Logo Competition

The IMO 2019 logo design competition is open to amateur artists and designers who support the aims of UKMT. Entrants must be British Citizens or UK residents.

The logo should be bold and clear, and suitable for use in a wide variety of locations including websites, documents, clothing, banners, on mugs, badges and stickers. There is no restriction on the theme, but note that IMO 2019 will be the diamond jubilee (60th) IMO and will be the third British IMO. The IMO 2015 logo can be found on the right at Logos of earlier IMOs can be found by stepping back using the green left arrow next to the ordinal description of the IMO. Recent IMOs have used an elephant (Thailand), Table Mountain (South Africa), coffee (Colombia), dice (Argentina) and the symbols for zero and infinity (Netherlands).

Submissions must be electronic, using one of the formats PDF, PNG and JPEG. The latter is convenient for photographs of artwork; the former two will be more suitable for people who design directly on screen. Each submission should take the form of an email to sent on or before 23.59 GMT on November 30th 2015.

The message should include the name of the entrant, his or her affiliation (e.g. school), and whether the entrant is a pupil, teacher, or is associated with UKMT in some other way. Use “logo competition” in the subject line. A person may submit more than one entry, but each entry should be in a separate email. Each email should not exceed 2Mb in size (since a logo must be a bold design, extra high resolution is pointless).

The text of the message should include the words “If my entry wins the competition, I hereby assign copyright of the image to IMO 2019 Ltd without payment, but will receive clear public acknowledgement of my authorship. I understand that my design may be modified by a professional graphic designer for final use.”. Entries which do not win the competition remain the intellectual property of their authors.

The competition will judged by an expert committee appointed by Dr Ceri Fiddes, Competition Director of IMO 2019. The identities and affiliations of entrants will be hidden from the judges.

The prize will include a UKMT goody bag and book token for 50 pounds. The school most closely associated with the winning entrant will receive a full set of current UKMT books free of charge, for use in its mathematics department or library.

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